Smartphone Applications for Kids

The Friendliest Cat Of Them All

If you go searching through phone apps, you will notice the most ridiculous, crazy, and you can even call them weird apps are one of the most popular ones. As for many of us, our day has become a routine, we enjoy some goofiness now and then and with apps this is the easiest way …

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Will Lenovo Make Motorola Better Phones

We all truly know that Motorola’s freshest smart phones are impressive, but there is still something missing. Moto devices have not exactly sold like candy these days. Because of that Google decided to hand off Motorola Mobility, into the hands of Chinese hardware giant Lenovo. Lenovo has many product making talents and in that way, …

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IPhone 6 review

Apple d oes not stop with its new devices and features; they still have the number one position on the market. Last year we have seen the iPhone 5S, which got a fingerprint sensor for added security and a retooled camera module, new color scheme and the most advanced processor yet. The 5S is looking like …

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Samsung Is Going To Launch Its New Latest Smartphone Galaxy S5 With Iris In April

The information about the launching of new smart phones flagship, the Galaxy S5 by April 2014 has confirmed by Vice president of Samsung. As same as Galaxy S4 antecedent, the Samsung is again focusing on March for declaration and April for release period of the Galaxy S5 Mrs. Lee Young who is executive vice president …

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How Bad Is My Mobile Phone Radiation?

We all heard the rumors how bad for our health is the radiation coming from our favourite daily toy – mobile phone. As the numbers of mobile phones are still raising, as many of us already use two, if not even three, we all should pay more attention if any of those rumors are true. …

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The latest 8 Cubot phones in 2016 in the Kenya online store

It is not news that Cubot is the phone of the season in Kenya more so in the young generation. Several brands are already up for grabs for those interested in having a good phone. Nevertheless, there is something more than having a mere smartphone. Having the best phone in town is something that everyone …

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6 Top Security Tips For Your Phone

As we live in an extremely busy world where everybody has at least one cell phone, if not even two or three, we nowadays use phones to save everything that is important to us. In the past (with phones that were not that smart) we used them only for making phone calls, maybe few text …

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